Sunday, January 29, 2006


She squirms in the night
She says
Mama, let's go shopping!
That little coral outfit awaits me!
And I say
The stores are closed right now, little angel
We'll go shopping later

She squirms in the night
She says
Daddy, can you feel this?


Daddy giggles
So she does it again

She squirms on the eve of her shower
She says
Mama, I live in a one-room efficiency
I have nothing to wear
I have no hair care products
And I say
The day is still all about you
Each and every day is about you

She squirms early the next morning
She says
All those nice people brought me all those nice things
They don't even know me
And we say
We've loved you since before we knew you were there
And we haven't met face to face yet

She squirms