Thursday, August 31, 2006

Our Favorite Word

Ptooee (pronounced p-too-eee): the sound that is made when a pacifier is spit from one's mouth.

She cracks up every time I say it.

Saturday, August 26, 2006

Not That There's Anything Wrong With It

(Warning: this post is not for the easily offended)

Today, Anja was playing on her tummy when she put her head down on the floor and started chewing on the carpet. I told her not to be a carpet muncher.

Then I realized what I had said.

So I told her that I was fine if she decided she was a lesbian and that her life partner and the baby they adopt from Korea will be lovingly accepted into our family.

Whew. Good save.

Thursday, August 24, 2006

The Diaper Song

(To the tune of "Time Warp" from Rocky Horror, because Mommy is a little freaky like that)

Let's change your diaper again
Let's change your diaper again

Because it's always filled with pee
And the occasionally poop
You put your hands in your mouth
And pull your knees in tight
And Mommy does her thing
And she will do it many many times today

Let's change your diaper again
Let's change your diaper again

She really laughs at that one.

Saturday, August 19, 2006

Songs For Anja

The Milk Song (to no particular tune whatsoever because I made that up too)

Mummy's milk is yummy in my tummy
I get to have it many times a day
My mummy makes it just because she loves me
The mummy's milk that's yummy in my tummy

Silly Baby (to the tune of Blondie's "Pretty Baby")

Silly baby
I fell in love with you
The moment I saw you
For the very first time

Goofy baby
You make me laugh and sing
My silly baby
Goofy baby
Silly baby

One very silly thing...the night we returned home from vacation, Anja was on the bed with the sperm donor and me. She has been grabbing at things (people, toys, my hair) for a little while and on that particular night she grabbed her own finger. The sperm donor was very amused, the whole "pull my finger" thing. What was especially amusing was the really concerned look on her face that whatever or whomever would not let go of her. That is what cracked me up. I know you shouldn't laugh at your child's expense, but she won't remember it.

She has since figured out that she can let go. Sigh...I was kind of hoping she would hold on forever.

The time is 1:20 a.m. She's back asleep and my boob is still hanging out. The sperm donor is going to say "Ack! You're an insomniac! It's the Zoloft!" No honey - true muses write when the inspiration hits!

Monday, August 07, 2006

The Return

Coming home from vacation always seems like such a letdown. Sure, there are things I my cats and my own bed. During this vacation, I have missed a certain level of privacy because Anja, the sperm donor, and I have shared a room for the past three weeks and a bed for the past week when she refused to sleep in her Pack 'n' Play. So I'm happy to put Anja back in her own bed in her own room. But I haven't missed my isolationism (which I am now motivated to change). And I haven't missed the heat.

Now, the sperm donor is back at work and Anja is taking her mid-morning snooze. And I'm blogging.

Welcome home.