Monday, December 13, 2010

Dear Severely Neglected Blog

WOW! Two years??? It really doesn't seem that long at all! You still look fabulous, despite a couple of years with no contributions and likely no readers. You know I still love you, don't ya?? You remain the best document of Anja's first year, and it's a good thing because my memory isn't all that great.

Well, I'm on vacation now, blog. In a fit of anger over being an ignored professional at the recent company party, I decided that I didn't want to therapize anyone until next year. And I have further decided that my resolution for 2011 is to thank myself for all of my fabulousness. All those things that I didn't do in 2010...the return to belly dance, the groupons for bikram yoga and boot camp, the cooking's all going to happen in 2011.

As for you, my dear sweet blog, we need to reconnect. I was reading KF's awesome set of blogs and was inspired. Blogs get published into books! Did you know that? Now, I don't think we'll ever get farther than the internetz, but that's ok. Maybe we can find some interested readers once again.

Anyway, I saw this on NPR Books. This sounds like a great documentary, but unfortunately I don't think I live in a select city. Of course, it's being shown in cities with really good writers.