Monday, August 07, 2006

The Return

Coming home from vacation always seems like such a letdown. Sure, there are things I my cats and my own bed. During this vacation, I have missed a certain level of privacy because Anja, the sperm donor, and I have shared a room for the past three weeks and a bed for the past week when she refused to sleep in her Pack 'n' Play. So I'm happy to put Anja back in her own bed in her own room. But I haven't missed my isolationism (which I am now motivated to change). And I haven't missed the heat.

Now, the sperm donor is back at work and Anja is taking her mid-morning snooze. And I'm blogging.

Welcome home.

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zombieswan said...

My new schedule with the fill-in babysitter (who you would like-- she's a double major in English & Psychology) is 9-1 where I'm working like mad on the dissertation. But then, I'm free free free. We can hang out at my house, OR go somewhere. It's up to you.

But I totally totally could use the company lately.