Thursday, November 02, 2006

Adventures At The Drive Thru - Chapter 2

Sperm donor went to our beloved TC's a few nights ago to pick us up some dinner. Here is a list of contents from our bag:

1. My coveted enchilada plate (I can't remember if it was cheese or beef right now)
2. My little package of tortillas
3. The sperm donor's bean and cheese taco.
4. The sperm donor's steak fajita taco.
5. Some napkins
6. Little containers of salsa.
7. A straw


I don't see any beverages in that list. Do you?? The sperm donor said that maybe they thought we were going to drink the salsa.

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Vicki said...



OK, I hearby annoint that term to represent all the various activities put forth by society that make NO SENSE AT ALL!!

You know, along the lines of 'MOO'- which I might ask you to blog about that term, since I think I don't understand it anyway.

DOODLES! Your adorable-ness slays me!