Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Stupid Questions, Stupid Answers

There are many people out there in the world who I believe are simply a social skill waiting to happen. We've told many people about my pregnancy, even though our doctor told us to wait until we were out of the range of possibility for a miscarriage (but please! How do you keep something like this a secret for 10 weeks!). Most people's responses are pretty typical: "Congratulations!" or "That's wonderful! Are you excited?" But every now and then someone says, "I assume this is wanted?"

What's with that??????????

And from more than one person.

So, the sperm donor and I compiled this list of possible responses:

1. Well, not by us, but it is wanted by the nice Asian couple who plans to purchase the baby after birth.

2. Anyone who wants one is welcome to bid thousands of dollars on eBay for the use of my uterus.

3. We were tired of collecting of cats so we thought we would try another species.

4. The aliens will return to fetch it in April.

5. Not for the purpose of procreation specifically. We are testing a new parasite technology.

Sigh. Some people...

On a more serious and far less stupid note, I've been watching coverage of hurricane Katrina. It's hard to pull away from it. I almost feel guilty for sitting here in my comfortable home, excited about bringing my unborn child into it. I donated, because I feel so helpless but felt compelled to do something. Many of us take our qualities of life for granted. In certain areas of Louisiana and Mississippi tonight, there is no quality of life.

But, for those of you who vomit in the face of overwhelming news coverage, here's Foamy.

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