Friday, September 08, 2006

The Bed Hog Does A Tripod

Each morning, at around 5:00 a.m., Anja ends up in bed with me. This is the time at which she inexplicably awakes: she is not hungry, she is not wet. She is just...awake. I could stand at her crib and shush her back to sleep, but all this sleepy mom wants is to go back to sleep herself. So I grab Anja, her blankie, and her pacifier and go to the guest bedroom. We go there to avoid the sperm donor's alarm clock. Unfortunately, the guest bedroom is the room not currently being serviced by our brand new $8000 air conditioner (a whole other blog entry), but at 5:00 a.m. it is pretty bearable. I place Anja as close to the wall as possible, lie down next to her, and we are both back asleep within ten minutes or so. When Anja wakes up, however, she is not as close to the wall as she once was. She is now on my side of the bed, and I am nearly falling out of the bed.

Anja is a bed hog.

This all started when we were on vacation. Anja refused to sleep in her portable crib so one of us would sleep with her in the bed in a very small bedroom. Even though the bed was a double size, I was nervous about her sleeping in it by herself. Imagine this room design: wall, dresser, unused crib, bed, wall, all with very little space in between. One night, the sperm donor and I both slept with Anja in the bed, the two of us on each side and Anja in the middle. When I awoke in the middle of the night, I discovered that the sperm donor and I only had a small space of bed and Anja was sleeping peacefully in the shape of a cross. I had my back leaning against the portable crib - thank goodness, because otherwise I would have hit the floor. After that night, the sperm donor went to sleep in a different bed. I would have done the same thing had I not been the one who lactates. On the last night of our vacation, our hotel room had two queen beds; I let the bed hog have one all to herself.

I have no idea how she wiggles towards me in her sleep. What is even funnier is that I don't even sense that I am moving with her. But I do believe the tendency toward bed hogging is genetic: I love to sleep diagonally. Always have. What I love about my king size bed is that I can sleep diagonal and the sperm donor doesn't even notice. Unless he happens to be sleeping diagonal too.

So this week my bed hog learned how to do a tripod. What the hell is a tripod, you might ask. That's what I said to the pediatrician. A baby does a tripod when she sits supporting herself with her hands. One butt + two hands = tripod. Anja is pretty pleased with herself, but she can't stay up for too long. After a minute or so she is on her elbows. Give it a little while longer and she would be on her face if one of us was not there to catch her. I bought her an Aqua Duck so she can try to grab the little fish while sitting in her tripod.

She's sleeping now, exhausted from a day's worth of development. I'm going to catch some sleep myself before she knocks me out of bed.

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