Tuesday, September 19, 2006


I love to watch "The Price Is Right." I like to try to guess the prices and I think I'm pretty good at it. Someday, I want to be a contestant on "The Price Is Right" (although I realize I better hurry because Bob Barker isn't getting any younger). Yesterday, I saw the first episode of the 35th year of the show. They were giving away all kinds of things: a Cadillac, a Corvette, trips. Someone won $1000 on the wheel. They even played Plinko. How I long to play Plinko and win up to $50,000. I always know which number to pick so I can win more Plinko chips.

The show was wonderful until the showcases. A second showcase featured a Viper, a very beautiful and expensive car. I want to know how cute Vickyann knew to bid $89,500 on that showcase worth approximately $89,700, therefore winning both showcases and the largest take ever in "The Price Is Right" history (over $141,000 in prizes!). All on the first episode of the 35th season.

I smell a rigging going on.

The sperm donor and I were accused of rigging the bouquet toss at our wedding reception. One of his co-workers caught the bouquet; her fiance caught the garter just minutes later. They got married two weeks later. Everyone was screaming "RIGGED!! RIGGED!!" But it was pure coincidence. And they were both very athletic people, able to reach and jump farther than our other guests.

But I don't think I saw a coincidence on "The Price Is Right" yesterday. Which is really disappointing to me. I'm a little jealous too. Vickyann also won a van, a trip to some fabulous destination, and a hot tub. I still want to be a contestant someday. And when I am, I vow not to be one of those contestants who looks anxiously into the audience, seeking for a sign from the sperm donor or another loved one about what the right price is. I'll just know.

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