Friday, September 15, 2006


Hmpf: the sound one makes (ok, the sound I make) when there is simply no other response.

So, I mentioned in a previous blog entry that Anja the Bed Hog and I usually end up in the guest bedroom around 5:00 a.m. to finish off our slumber. That is when she wakes up for seemingly no reason at all and I am to tired to shush her back to sleep in her own crib. (And yes - I do worry that I am setting some kind of precedent here, that she will always wake up and want to come to bed with Mom. But you know what? All kids eventually sleep through the night in their own bed, whether they be 6 months old or 3 years old. Whatever.)

Back to my story.

I had also mentioned that our guest bedroom was the room not being serviced by our brand new $8000 air conditioner. Which was not the air conditioner's fault. A couple of years ago, stifled by the heat in our own bedroom, the sperm donor added a second vent. The air conditioner repair guy told me that the sperm donor "stole" the air from the guest bedroom. Which was not always the guest bedroom. It was just the extra room. There was a bed in it which no one ever slept in unless they were too drunk to go home AND allergic to cats (the cats not being allowed in the extra room). The computer is in that bedroom, but we have a laptop so why leave the living room if you don't have to. I always used the room to wrap presents at Christmas because it had a large space of floor onto which I could place all of my wrapping supplies, keeping my dream alive of someday having a gift wrap room. Anja's room used to be the guest room. When I got pregnant, we stuffed the contents of the guest room into the extra room and voila! A new guest bedroom. Which still no one would sleep in. And sure it got hot, but we didn't care because we were never in the room. That is, until Anja started waking up at 5 a.m. and the two of use started sleeping in there.

So, yesterday we spent another $800 to have our air conditioner system redesigned, with all of these service lines put in so that the WHOLE house could be cool. Three men stomping around in the attic for a few hours, banging around and leaving flakes of ceiling all over the floor.

You know where this story is going, don't you.

Anja woke up shortly after 7:00 this morning. In her own crib. In her own room.


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zombieswan said...

Hah! That's typical. But it won't last, I'm sure.

Besides, that room was really hot. And when I slept in there (when was it? I think when I was pregnant & having contractions... yeah that's it) it was not very comfortable at all. So trust me; if you ever want friends to sleep there, you needed the work done. And if one day you all sell that house and upgrade, you'll need that work to have been done before anyone will buy it.