Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Five Months Old And We Are...

Two white bumps were observed below Anja's gum line during the weekend. Those, accompanied by gallons of drool, her hand in her mouth constantly, and general crankiness, have led us to the conclusion that she is...


Yep. There they are: two bottom front teeth poking out. Needless to say, Anja is a bit unhappy about the whole development. These drops have proved to be liquid gold. I gave her some of the drops yesterday after we had maximized the benefits of the cold teething ring and the frozen washcloth. Within twenty or so minutes, she was babbling about who knows what to the bunny rabbit on her sock rattle. A few minutes later and she was asleep.

Ahh. And so we napped.

Now I wonder if those drops will work on the cat.

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zombieswan said...

By the way, you've been blogging more than a year-- did you notice your anniversary? :)