Monday, September 25, 2006

Conversations II

She squirms in the night
I listen
Wondering if she will awaken
A couple of minutes go by
And she is silent
Then so am I

She squirms in the night
I listen
I hear her cry that says
Mommy, I'm hungry!
I go sleepily to her
She nurses in silence
When she is finished
I lay her down next to me
She plays with her feet
Fascinated with the toes
That are now covered with pajamas
She rolls over and goes to sleep
Then so do I

She squirms in the morning
I watch
Her breathing quickens
Her eyelids flutter
She is dreaming
One last dream before waking
Her lips move
She dreams of eating
What a wonderful dream!
She rubs her eyes
Slowly they open
She looks at me and I say
Good morning, Doodle!
Did you have sweet baby dreams?
She smiles
Our day has begun

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